Fact Check: 'We Don't Have Health Care In This Country,' Trump Says

Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Sen. Lamar Alexander R-Tenn. accompanied by the committee's ranking member Sen. Patty Murray D-Wash. speaks on C

These and other bipartisan ideas would improve the health insurance marketplaces.

Older Americans care deeply about access to and affordability of quality health care.

The more important question, before deciding who pays for the cost of health care should be: Why is the cost of care so high in the first place?

The GOP bill continues the popular aspect of "Obamacare", guaranteeing people with medical conditions can not be turned down for coverage. Insurance companies can now charge no more than three times what they charge younger people for the same coverage. That loophole is the portion of the bill, which allows states to have waivers to opt out of the American Health Care Act. She said this goes on to affect areas beyond health.

Some insurers are already warning if the subsidies stop, they will end Obamacare plans, including Anthem, which now covers over 830,000 people in 14 states and is the only insurer in some rural areas, and Molina Healthcare, which could drop 700,000 members just this year. Pre-existing conditions are an understandably emotional issue, and families are scared of losing their plan and facing financial catastrophe.

While the Affordable Care Act has unquestionably helped some people, it has been a dismal failure at reaching its goals.

The AHCA has close to $130 billion earmarked over nine years for the high-risk pools. Those with cancer and other diseases will have no guarantee, as existing conditions will no longer be covered. Stateside, you could speak to Governor Walker about expanding Medicaid (which could lower premiums by 7 percent). The GOP-led House argued that since the payments were not appropriated by Congress as part of the ACA, they were unconstitutional. This was on top of the $23 billion over nine years initially in the House bill.

Even the picture of the current health law isn't as bad as Trump tried to paint it, though.

The states in the lawsuit say their "concerns are concrete and immediate", due to the urgency insurers face.

States could also decide not to change their policies for people with medical problems.

There are many things we will need to keep an eye on, now that the bill has gone to the Senate.

If Democrats retake control of the House in 2018, "presumably Trump doesn't want to deal with getting sued every time there's an appropriation disagreement", Jost said.

For 7 years, Republicans in Congress actively worked to undermine, defund, and voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

If the payments stop abruptly, health insurers would likely try to pass on the cost to consumers, and many of would likely have to drop coverage because they couldn't afford to pay.

Teeth appearance can affect job prospects and social standing - and amid rising income inequality in the US, some people can afford thousands of dollars for cosmetic dental work while others can't even afford to get crowns, root canals or cavities filled.

The AHCA would restructure Medicaid and effectively end the expansion, though the legislation could still change in the U.S. Senate.

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