Good luck to Trump on moves involving Israel, Palestinians

Will he or won't he?

Trump arrives in Israel on Monday afternoon following his visit to Saudi Arabia, where Washington announced a huge $110-billion arms deal with Riyadh, and will hold talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later in the day in Jerusalem. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to deliver assurances that his people want peace.

USA officials reportedly were concerned about the heat upon the president's arrival and asked for an abbreviated welcome ceremony. The White House later said Trump would endorse Palestinian "self-determination" during his visit to the region, diplomatic code for statehood. The sensitivity about Jerusalem, claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians, stems from the role the city plays in the age-old debate about who has a legitimate historical claim to disputed territory. God recognizes it as such.

While U.S. law has for decades recognized that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the American embassy remains in Tel Aviv. Dr.

"This is the most appropriate way to show the proper deference to such a significant holy site", a State Department official said.

There is no doubt Trump, who was hailed by Netanyahu as a true friend of Israel, is now adopting a sober take on one of the most complex conflicts of our time.

Even opposition MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) agreed, and she doesn't often agree with Netanyahu.

One possible factor: the absence of a firm decision as to whether he will move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as promised.

"I believe the Western Wall is part of Israel and I think that that is how we've always seen it and that's how we should pursue it", Haley said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Israel's capital is and always will be Jerusalem, regardless of the location of foreign embassies or the resolutions of UNESCO.

While Trump is expected to backtrack on his campaign vow to relocate the USA embassy, he is not expected to shelve what was arguably his most audacious promise: to reach a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians.

Overshadowed by the escalating scandals surrounding him, the USA president will meet Netanyahu and the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, during 26 hours of events.

Trump has also ruffled feathers by planning a relatively short stop at Israel's Holocaust memorial, a ritual for every American official on their first official visit to the country, former US peace negotiator Martin Indyk noted on Twitter. The Palestinians see it as the capital of a future independent state. When you go and actually look at the communities, Jewish and Arab communities are right next to each.

In a reversal of the roles played before the election, it is the Palestinians who are confident of Trump's visit, while the Israelis worry.

Because of this controversy, the United States has repeatedly refused requests that it move its embassy to Jerusalem, the seat of the Israeli government, and has made it clear it does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall.

JERUSALEM (AP) — President Donald Trump has cast the elusive pursuit of peace between Israelis and Palestinians as the "ultimate deal".

DEAD SEA, Jordan (AP) - Two veteran Israeli and Palestinian negotiators, who logged many hours together in failed efforts to strike a deal, said Saturday they are optimistic about President Donald Trump's Mideast bid.

Netanyahu's speech kicked off several days of events marking the 50th anniversary of Israel's capture of Jerusalem in 1967.

The Orthodox Union, which had complained earlier in the week about McMaster's comments, was "disappointed" in the news that Trump would not be moving the embassy now, said Nathan Diament, its Washington director. Trump is still planning to visit the Western Wall, and will be accompanied by the on-site rabbi, not Netanyahu. Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem would not harm the peace process.

In a statement released Saturday titled: "A call for unity and assimilation with our courageous prisoners", Ramallah-based Islamist and nationalist factions urged the public to join rallies to express their rejection to the resumption of peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel under U.S. sponsorship. Only time will tell. But years of Palestinian violence and Palestinian Authority refusal to engage in bilateral talks raised and reinforced doubts about the possibility of agreeing on the final status of Jerusalem, and the topic was left on the back burner.

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