Wal-Mart not considering a bid for Whole Foods

Grocery store war comes in Southwest Florida

It's been nearly a week since the initial announcement of Amazon's (AMZN - Free Report) intent to purchase organic grocery chain Whole Foods Market (WFM - Free Report), and Wall Street is still caught up in the "what ifs" and "what will bes" of the deal.

In preparation for that price war, Wal-Mart in recent months has cut grocery prices, improved its fresh food and meat offerings, modernized shelving and lighting in its grocery department and expanded its online pick-up service. However, the markets appear, rightly or wrongly, to be taking a more strategic view. In contrast, Whole Foods is intimidating to customers seeking affordable prices: they have a strong brand, but also high prices.

Mackey also indicated the company would be open to selling products under different labels on Amazon.

In Seattle, for instance, Amazon is testing a convenience store where sensors scan items so shoppers don't have to wait in line for a cashier or scan items themselves.

Then again, Amazon is the epitome of evil genius.

Seeing Whole Foods products first in Amazon searches? However, they will need to be quick and develop new business models.

Its growth comes as e-commerce sales continue their ascent while traditional store and mall-based commerce tumble, prompting massive store closures and job losses.

Whole Foods is a USA chain of 461 grocery supermarkets (440 in the United States, 12 in Canada and 9 in the UK), focusing on organic and natural products. After all, its nickname isn't "whole paycheck" for nothing.

We now have a "Death by Amazon" index whose holdings lost over $32 billion in market value on Friday alone, as seen in the chart below. There's only so much automation can do in the grocery business. "I'm aging, and I was in there and I was surprised how many people were bent over with age".

Toro's firm developed the Avalon mixed-use community in Alpharetta, which includes a Whole Foods.

Food delivery was tried before, back in the dot-com era in the late 1990s. By comparison, about one-fifth of all electronics and appliances sales in 2015 were online, according to the report, totaling more than $20 billion that year. The rest of the products they want will be delivered. Giant customers can use instacart.com or the Instacart app to fill their virtual carts with their favorite Giant products, select a delivery window, and Instacart staff will fill the orders for them.

What other benefits might Amazon obtain?

Having experimented with concepts such as cashierless high-tech stores and drive-thru grocery stores, many analysts are of the view that Amazon employing the e-commerce knowledge it has gained to Whole Foods to get an advantage is a foregone conclusion. Today an Amazon Prime subscription gives you access to television programmes alongside next-day delivery for your shopping. In a larger sense, all physical retail needs reimagining. And it should be able to bring cost-cutting technologies, such as robots to move inventory around, while the company gets a better picture of customers by marrying data from Amazon and Whole Foods' loyalty programs. Both companies have loyal user bases, and Costco did have an edge in the grocery segment, but Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods changes this equation. Maybe it doubles down and buys another grocery store chain? Don't believe me? Google: drunk Amazon shopping.

These companies, which were modest a decade ago, are now among the largest organizations in the world.

This early lead, cemented by densely populated urban areas and cheap labor, could be key as retailers and tech firms race to boost margins on low-priced consumer goods by reinventing supply chains with big data analytics.

That, in my opinion, is an old saw.

Share with Us - We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article, and smart, constructive criticism. Remember the company's original disruption: bookselling. No company stays dominant forever.

"The possible effects on Whole Foods alone are interesting to contemplate", Mr. Maute said.

"I don't know if they do deliveries", she said, referring to Whole Foods. That must offer some personal satisfaction. They will have to do better than just a few stores in selected areas. This is a whole new world.

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