No doubt about 'IT': Stephen King clown puts serious scares on screen

'IT' Director Gives Details On Planned Sequel

Picture an R-rated Sandlot with a killer clown thrown into a mix, and you've got a pretty good start.

You can imagine my dread about screening IT - the ultimate scary clown story.

"I think I find it easier to be that insane, maniacal, really angst-y character more than I find playing a charming, nice boyfriend-material guy", he recalls.

The movie's opening scene is probably its most disturbing.

Pairing stunning cinematography with the spectacle of Pennywise himself makes for a film that is just attractive to look at, while you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the next scare.

He noted, "They're gonna like the characters". The clan includes Richie (Finn Wolfhard), a crass, Coke-bottle-spectacled know-it-all; Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer), an inhaler-wielding hypochondriac; and Stanley (Wyatt Oleff), a sclerotic skeptic heading unprepared into his bar mitzvah.

There were a few people who were afraid of clowns, but it was not this collective thing. In cinema, however, sequels are entirely dependent upon the success of the initial instalment, which suggests two things - firstly, that Muschietti's film is a satisfying experience on its own, and secondly, that a sequel is now inevitable, given the positive response to It. "And a guy saw me and stood up and said, 'I've seen the original Pennywise!' And I said, 'Well, good for you.' I think whatever scares the trousers off you when you're a child is an image that always stays with you".

"The movie wouldn't be able to be made, or I wouldn't be able to make the character, any other way". It is a tough nut to crack that is coming from the ages.

We see what they see, we feel what they feel and we are terrified because they are terrified.

In showcasing the fears that can develop during childhood due to mistreatment by adults and other kids, "It" adequately captures the theme of King's novel.

I was just by myself trying to wrestle this demonic clown that I was going to portray. I interview actors and filmmakers.

If it all goes according to plan, this is only part one. "We'll do a final exam and I will say everything there is to say that I know about monsters and fear and how childhood is the flawless growth medium for terrifying things - everything from Hansel and Gretel to the Werewolf of London - and I'll put it all in one book and that will be it, that will be done and I can move on and do whatever other things that I've got to do", King said by phone.

Angie Han, Mashable: "It digs down deep into that fraught period in life when you're old enough to realize that the world can be a very dark place, but not quite old enough to understand how or why, or what to do about it. It is scary, yes - but it's heartbreaking, too".

I'm excited for that. Credit must go to the young cast, among whom there is no single weak link; it's as authentic a portrayal of children staring down the barrel of adolescence as you're ever likely to see. He's got a great sense of how children think and speak. This is just half the story of the book.

We are rooting for the Losers Club from the outset, not just for them to escape from the clutches of the clown, but from the horrors of their home lives and the fears that control them.

It's the adrenaline. It's the same reason we like roller-coasters or jumping out of airplanes.

Seth: Right. So you know you're going to have to honor and not get close to the Tim Curry performance, which we all remember. Move over Carrie and Jack Torrance, Pennywise is prancing over with his terrible red balloons and child-eating grin to sit proudly next to you near the top of the King cinematic tower.

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