WWE No Mercy: Roman Reigns overcomes John Cena, Brock Lesnar wins

More on Cesaro's No Mercy Injury, Possible RAW Match for Tonight, Asuka TLC Teaser

As the curtain call was happening and throughout the remainder of No Mercy, fans began speculating on whether this was it for Cena, and whether he might actually be retiring (or whether this recent run of historic first-ever matches that AREN'T happening at WrestleMania or a similar big show might be part of a retirement tour of sorts). And given how much help Miz has surrounding him at ringside, odds are stacked against Jordan. Axel hit Jordan with a cheap shot and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Another hotly anticipated match in the pay-per-view event involves John Cena and Roman Reigns. They had a great match and Balor got the clean pin after hitting the Coup de Gras. Wyatt made an appearance and told him that he had been defeated by the Demon King and not Balor.

As noted, Cesaro lost a few front teeth as The Bar lost to RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at WWE No Mercy. Ambrose and Rollins retained when Sheamus took a knee to the face from Rollins and then Dirty Deeds from Rollins.

Match with a lot of big spots, the biggest being Nia Jax being powerbombed on to the apron with assists from all the other four participants. This one served as a popcorn match before the main event with Amore dressed like Beetlejuice in a gaudy pinstripe suit. Cena drilled Roman with two Attitude Adjustments, but it wasn't enough.

The pre-match stuff here was a weak attempt at adding a little drama to proceedings, with Finn not really selling it once the bell rang and it added little to the story. Cena questioned Reigns toughness and preparedness to carry a company like Cena has. This time he hits a spear on Miz and the straps come down.

By all accounts, it doesn't seem as though the career of John Cena could end at No Mercy. She takes her leave after saying that she is a fan of the way her title looks.

The Miz is the best intercontinental champion the WWE has had in ages - and he will go down as one of the best to hold the belt. Jordan gets Miz back in the ring and locks on a crossface. Enzo won this match purely because he can sell more merchandise than Neville. These events can bring out the best and sometimes the worst out of the WWE superstars and can have implications for the future. The challenger looked good early on as he weathered a German Suplex and quickly hit a chokeslam to put Lesnar down.

While the "Monster Among Men" controlled the majority of the match-up, Lesnar kept surviving, and eventually managed to make a dent in Strowman's armor with an extended series of massive German suplexes.

Those who are rooting for Strowman to beat The Beast Incarnate, however, are in for disappointment because the reports suggest things will go Lesnar's favor. Enzo wants to change the design of the title and until they change it he will just be throwing it around. But when it counted the most, Strowman and Lesnar were more interested in simply wrestling each other. While Braun was able to grab the bottom rope to break it, but the arm seemed to have taken some damage. Do they go back to the feud with Braun? The former champ dominated for the majority of the time but underestimated Jersey's finest, and his hubris costing him a chance to win. A surprise F5 came out of nowhere and finally subdued Braun for good as Lesnar collected the pinfall.

While she didn't win the title that night, it was a turning point for Alexa Bliss as a performer.

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