Amazon gives Alexa some cool new smart home tricks

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Renews With Attractive Performance

Hey, Google and Amazon, can we ask you to play nice with each other?

So, what about the original Echo? The final Echo product is the $150 Amazon Echo Plus which also acts as a hub for the Alexa connected smart home.

It is a little concerning that a core application has been removed and could be perceived that Google is threatened by the dominance of Amazon's Alexa in the virtual assistant market, which the firm tries to keep up with using its Google Assistant-powered Google Home device.

The new Echo Plus is being pitched as a more powerful version of the Echo and automatically looks for and connects with other smart home devices. It also comes with the same 360-degree sound as the original Echo with one major addition: support for Dolby sound.

Apple recently launched its new 4K TV streaming box and now it seems it's got some serious competition from Amazon.

The 2nd Gen Amazon Echo will sell for $99.99 and will start shipping in November.

A further new Echo device, the Echo Spot, was also revealed.

Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music, said: "Amazon Music customers already know and love Alexa from listening on Echo devices".

Amazon issued a cranky statement this week, objecting to Google's decision to pull YouTube from its Echo Show smart appliance.

Pre-orders of all the devices unveiled today can be made in the Amazon marketplace, with the exception of Echo Buttons. It is a must buy, for those who need to connect their home phone service to their Echo device network.

Amazon has introduced the second generation Echo at a surprise hardware event at its headquarters in Seattle.

The price cut and improving feature set should help Amazon ward off the competition.

The Echo Buttons cost US$20 a pair. They realized that it would be hard to get people to outfit their entire home with that product, so they released the Echo Dot. "This was the company's first Alexa-enabled device that also came with a big tablet sized 7" touchscreen display on it.

One of the advantages with that is looking at the people you're video calling. All you have to do is plug in your phone line into the Echo Connect and sync your contacts with the Alexa app.

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