'My corazón breaks for them' Red Cross volunteer leaves for Puerto Rico

Jose A. Rivera right and his brother Jose Ramon Rivera look over their destroyed plantain crops in Yabucoa Puerto Rico on Sunday. For as far as they could see every one of the 14,000 trees was down. “There is no more agriculture in Puerto Rico,”

As for the criticism that the federal response to the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico has been poor, Montano says, "We're still very much in the middle of this". "She stood five hours on line the other day to get gasoline, you have to wait in line possibly to get to the bank and if there's no money what do you do?"

He's been too busy fighting with NBA MVP's on Twitter and calling National Football League players "sons of bitches" to focus his attention on the needs of the American territory of Puerto Rico. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said thousands of relief workers are on the ground delivering food and water, but the governor said it hasn't been enough. "They and their fellow American citizens on the island now face a host of mounting crises - a lack of running water, a shattered power grid, days without electricity and telephone service and access to the wider world", he writes. The heat index in San Juan was near 100 degrees Wednesday.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz said FEMA has been slow to respond.

Virginia's first lady is spearheading an effort to provide relief to those in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

Working quickly, crews loaded up boxes and pallets packed with medicine and supplies into the back of a box truck, all wrapped up with signs saying "From Yale for Puerto Rico with love". In addition, Puerto Rico's VOAD will ask for volunteers when the island requires volunteer help. Dozens of drug and medical device companies manufactured pharmaceutical products in Puerto Rico for export globally, so both its people and those outside the territory may not receive "critical lifesaving and life-sustaining drugs", according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Leaders in Puerto Rico and the US are urging President Trump to suspend the Jones Act, which regulates shipping and would speed up the delivery of much needed resources.

"Given the changing scope and conditions, DoD will adjust its concept of operations in Puerto Rico and transition from a short term, sea-based response to a predominantly land-based effort created to provide robust, longer term support to FEMA and the Territory", the DoD statement said. Puerto Rico's main airport in San Juan has been devastated, and groups of people are stranded there with the hopes of getting out.

On Wednesday, a plane carrying 3,500 pounds of water, Army meals ready-to-eat, diapers and other supplies headed from Florida to Puerto Rico. "And we're doing a really good job".

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