Facebook announces launch of VR headset that needs no PC or phone

Facebook unveils standalone Oculus Go VR headset

But we do know some other specs such as the lens display has a resolution of 2560×1440.

"Oculus G" is a unique standalone feature, not part of Facebook.

So, what's so special about Oculus Go?

More details around the Oculus Go is set to be announced nearer launch.

For reference, the bog-standard Oculus Rift is now £400, and the HTC Vive can be picked up for £600. That compares with $599 for a top competitor's product, HTC's Vive. Unlike the Samsung Gear VR, which relies on a smartphone for screen and processing power, the Oculus Go is entirely self-contained.

Facebook has announced the wireless headset with virtual reality for $200, which does not even need a smartphone to control. Pre-orders are yet to open but we'll be sure to update this section with retailers as soon as it becomes available.

Oculus Go design: What does it look like? Audio performance is something essential with the new VR headset since the device has the capability of offering spatial sound. The Oculus website says it's made with more breathable and comfortable fabrics.

At such an affordable price point, Oculus Go might be the catalyst the VR industry needs to continue delivering out-of-this-world experiences. The social network wants to change that and one of its solutions is something called Oculus Go. The cheapest headset that the company so far had on offer is the Gear VR.

Together, Oculus described Oculus Go and the controllers as "two significant milestones".

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg at the Oculus developer conference in San Jose. But anyone interested in buying a Microsoft headset this holiday season may reconsider given Oculus' fame. But how? Let's talk specifics. His field of vision is limited to 110 degrees and its sensors cover an area of 0.75 square metre only, features that are starting to be seen as largely inadequate as the VR-games are becoming more sophisticated and consumers expect a gaming experience more realistic. Basically, VR headsets are cumbersome, complicated, and expensive.

"The strategy for Facebook is to make the onboarding to VR as easy and low-priced as possible", said Gartner Inc. analyst Brian Blau.

Zuckerberg has said virtual reality will be the next major computing platform, after mobile phones.

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