Moon to stage triple show tomorrow

What is a 'super blue blood moon' and how can I see it?

It certainly sounds exciting. The skies of Nainital will have the most clear and brilliant view of the eclipse. According to eclipse experts, "Super Blue Blood Moon" is coming first in 35 Years and will be a sight to behold. Midway through Wednesday's eclipse, the moon will be even farther away - 223,820 miles - but still within unofficial supermoon guidelines. We see the challenge you've laid down - staying up or waking early - and we're prepared to meet it, with enthusiasm and awe.

So let's consider the circumstances of the eclipse.

Additionally, the moon will be passing through the southern half of the Earth's shadow, with its northern hemisphere just barely missing the shadow's center. For the western coast and Rajasthan on the other hand, the timings are from 6:21 PM and 7:37 PM IST on Wednesday. The moon will not actually appear purple, nor will have it a cape - but January 31 is a great time to gaze up and enjoy the night sky.

Then after, the total eclipse will end and the Moon will slowly come out of the shadow of the Earth, the partial eclipse ending around 20:41 hrs.

Each of the lunar events have their own life cycle but this year they all happen at the same time.

The Blue part comes from this being the 2nd full moon for the month of January as we also had a full moon on New Years Day. This means it will in fact be a "Super Blue Blood Moon".

What is a Blood moon?

The mechanisms behind the maximoon have always been known, with astronomers referring to it as "perigee full moon" or a "perigee syzygy", a lovely word that means three celestial bodies in a line. We'll have no full moon this February, but again two moons in March.

The moon is providing a rare triple treat this week. I'll tell you in our next column.

Wednesday night's blood moon is also going to be a supermooon, which is when the moon is full and orbiting as close to Earth as possible.

What is a full moon?

These next few mornings, the brilliant planet Jupiter is trailed in the southeast by much dimmer Mars - which is near to a double star in the head of Scorpius the Scorpion. The Moon will rise in various parts of India follows as, 5:50 pm in Delhi, 5:15 pm in Kolkata, 5:20 pm in Patna, 6:04 pm in Chennai and in Mumbai at 6:27 pm.

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