Ryan Coogler ascends to the top with 'Black Panther'

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X-Men. Spider-Man. He liked all of them, but he was looking for more.

"Black Panther's" impact is also noted for its positive image of black women, said David Gorden, the editorial assistant of Lion Forge.

The importance of Black Panther goes way beyond a Rotten Tomatoes score, its box office gross, and how it links up with Avengers: Infinity War.

Nate Moore grew up rifling through 25-cent comic book bins, where he stumbled upon "Black Panther", the first superhero he saw who looked like him.

For all intents and purposes, Black Panther is your typical blockbuster: things blow up, jokes bounce around, CGI is in abundance. "I can't wait for Halloween to see everyone dressing up as the Dora Milaje [the female special forces in the film], Black Panther and Killmonger [the super villain Jordan portrays]".

A lot of T'Challa's allies in the film are women and they aren't just there to make his character look stronger, in fact, they make a significant contribution in saving Wakanda and counsel T'Challa on matters relating to their country.

While this is something that fans and enthusiasts can talk about in exhaustive detail, the message is seemingly lost on Hollywood studios - the majority of which are led by white men - that have this curious historical habit of disproportionately producing films that really only centre white people.

Selected subscribers of MTN will for the first time have the privilege to attend the prescreening of the much-anticipated block buster movie, "Black Panther". "I think that to have dark-skinned dolls in the hands of other races is just as important as having it in the hands of black kids themselves". But it's also the cast, and not just that everything is going to be OK but it is going to be awesome. Not giving you spoilers but the chase sequences in the film will make you scream, it's that good.

Black Panther follows Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa, the newly minted King of Wakanda, when he returns home to face a threat from within that could have global ramifications. "Civil War", this will be the second film to feature the character. "Five hours of sleep is like, 'Wow, I got five!' That's the most important relationship on set". And, of course, longtime Coogler collaborator Michael B. Jordan is cast as Eric Killmonger, a U.S. SpecOps-trained soldier with a secret, tragic past - and a nefarious plan for his future. "But there's a certain part of (him) that's altruistic in a way".

"And in the costuming there is that expression of attractive African specificity through all those different cultures that are represented in our costumes, that was very awesome". But the diaspora that's the most affected by it.

Do you get an action figure? So, if he has to choose between helping the interests of Wakanda or helping the Avengers, you know which side he'll be on. "I don't have to see the movie to know what that means", Boseman says. Realizing my grandma who's 90 years old has never been to this place that we're from. Pearson was hugely successful in doing the same but somewhere Coogler takes the script too seriously.

Oftentimes, people will feign ignorance about what we mean when we're talking about meaningful representation.

"They are the hero and shero of our era in so many ways", Gurira says. Disney and Marvel Studios wanted to break the mold. "Black Panther" took every opportunity available to highlight black greatness shining the light especially bright on black women. Coogler would always keep working after that.

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While filming in Atlanta, Georgia a year ago, its cast and crew took The Straits Times and other press behind the scenes of the movie, which is inspired by the Marvel comics about the fictional kingdom of Wakanda and its leader T'Challa (Boseman) - the titular Black Panther.

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