Newtown father praises Parkland students as a 'force to be reckoned with'

A vigil for families of the Parkland FL school shooting

Guns in the hands of angry, disturbed people kill more people.

What else is there to say about guns?

"She will tell you that school teachers have more than enough responsibilities right now, than to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life", he said to applause in the room.

Why do something so hard and risky when there are easier, more effective gun control measures more worthy of the full force of the president's backing? Because it was really obvious to me that what would change would be how students were treated - more restrictions on the kinds of backpacks you could carry, more zero tolerance policies regarding ill-advised jokes that immature teenagers are prone to making, more security that makes it feel like a jail instead of a school - and nothing about guns. Reeser felt compelled to visit the memorial after yesterday's shooting in Florida that killed seventeen people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida February 14, 2018. After all these shootings, Congress has done nothing. And a plea from one of our alleged leaders not to have a knee jerk response (i.e. control of weapons of mass destruction) to yet another slaughter. Movements are starting, and a bleeding nation calls for gun control once again. If we had an agent, be it a virus or some other form of life that was killing 91 people and injuring hundreds of others a day, would we not call it a public health problem?

Thanks to the students from Parkland who have opened the door, students are being heard in this discussion. These two men have had their chances. Make lawmakers go on the record if they don't think it's a good idea to protect their constituents in any reasonable way they can, so that N.C. voters can know come election time. They said they needed to be there.

Mr Eaton, programme director for Faster Savers Lives, does not accept the argument that guns should be kept out of school.

"I know what the families in Florida are going through, and my heart aches for them", Soto wrote. But we have to try.

Greg Steube said gun-free zones like schools are easy targets and has proposed allowing specially trained educators with military or law enforcement backgrounds to be armed. If someone can buy a gun with virtually no restrictions in IN, then what the hell is going to stop that gun from getting to IL?

Now we are going to let complete amateurs carrying guns make a snap judgment about a felony unfolding, shoot, and then figure out whether or not the person just killed was innocent?

Our society does not have to be a society where guns are restricted.

Jimmy Kimmel had a very simple and straightforward message for anyone, including Don Jr., who is buying into the story that these kids aren't students at all, but rather are actors hired to propagate some anti-gun agenda by hijacking a real tragedy and subverting it for their own political gain. Too many of them receive obscene amounts of donations from the National Rifle Association to act against their interests.

We can't do much about Washington's dysfunction, but we can take action in Minnesota. We watch the faces of the victims appear on the news and the families they left behind; we watch the candlelight vigils and the prematurely small coffins being lowered into the ground; and we watch the desperate demands for justice and change and the directionless question of how this happened. Maybe one day we can have a government that understands.

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