'The Walking Dead' Winter Premiere Recap: The End of Carl's Journey

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I think, in this show, I have the opportunity do that every day as Pablo and I'm one step closer to becoming the superhero I wanted to be as a kid, " he states. Closure is critical in The Walking Dead.

"But it's great 'cause I get to go and do films and other TV shows, a bunch of stuff that I didn't get to do before, and stuff that I'm really, really excited for".

What did you think of The Walking Dead season 8 episode 9? But this looks more like a chest wound, similar to Carl's, to me. It wasn't particularly good, but it was executed well by the actors involved.

When it was finally time for Carl to say goodbye, he chose to shoot himself in the head and prevent himself from turning into a walker. Riggs gets several big emotional moments, and he sells them with more ability than he's often given credit for. Can she do anything to reshape a show that has been plagued by whiplash-like fluctuations in character behaviour, boring stretches of been-there-done-that repetition and absolutely mind-boggling lapses of logic?

That last question was left largely unanswered in the mid-season premiere, as the show tightened its focus primarily on Carl and his family, coming together for his final moments.

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Many actors who have died on this show in the past have come back as walkers. He also pleaded with his father Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, to stop fighting with his nemesis Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Negan's followers. In one, Rick ends up bleeding out under a tree, imploring forgiveness from the world. [Greg Nicotero's company] KNB does an incredible job with the special effects but out of respect for Carl and how devoted to the character people are, I didn't want him to go through something like that. It was after that moment that Carl told Rick, "I think she might be one of us".

Carl reveals that the old man Rick moments have been his daydreams of how the world can be. The former pacifist really has swung in the other direction, hunting down Saviors in a manner that would make a Terminator blanch. There has to be something after, for Rick, and for The Saviors, and as Carl notes, he can't kill them all. With that hope now being gone with his death, we have to admit that it's going to be really hard for us to believe in that again, because there is really no one else that has this way of thinking. She backs him up when he attacks a trio of Saviors unnecessarily, and kills one before he can kill Morgan, but she's not happy about it. Carl takes that decision out of Rick and Michonne's hand and does that himself.

He elaborated: "It just will have to be with different people".

Kill of the week: Morgan's ripping yarn.

Morgan stalks into the Kingdom through the darkness, where he's startled by Carol. With Carl's death marking the biggest departure from the comics to date, we're at the point in the show where the two properties could seriously diverge.

Next, let's reveal how the Saviors escaped from the Sanctuary through the walker heard (and how Morgan gets away, too). That being said, we managed to put aside our differences so that I could learn a bit about Kelly and what she'll be going through this season.

As a return after a long break, Honor is fine. His hand presses against a bloody gash in his side as the colorful stained glass dangles on the branches above him. If you're still watching, and that didn't pull a tear, you probably have no heart.

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