Budget offers details on new five-week leave for second parent

Trudeau Budget Offers More Money To Process Illegal Refugees

The Liberal government's latest federal budget includes $21.5 billion in new spending, with a plan to boost the participation of women in the workforce by giving up to five weeks of leave for new fathers.

The federal finance minister says the government is considering new legislation in a small section of the budget's annex that would grant Vanada new powers to share tax information of individuals with foreign authorities.

In the budget, Morneau opted to hold the line on corporate taxes in Canada, choosing to help businesses in other ways, including with spending to help women-led businesses grow, innovation and diversification of trade.

"What was most concerning is that there is no contingency fund in the face of global economic pressures", she said.

"We need a strategy to deal with the fact not everyone has access, and we need to do it in a way that's responsible, that deals with the gaps, but doesn't throw out the system that we now have", he said.

At a time when the government should be focused on making life more affordable by getting out of the way, they're focused on implementing more regulation and slamming Canadians with more taxes.

This allows CCPCs to pay out lower-taxed dividends from their active income and claim a refund on taxes paid on their investment income, which the budget calls "a significant tax advantage". That money will flow through the Canada Foundation for Innovation, which will now also receive permanent funding from the government beginning in 2023-24 as opposed to the intermittent injections of the past.

Compared to the fall, the government says it has $19.8 billion in additional cash to play with over the next six years-an average of $3.3 billion a year in extra fiscal elbow room.

"Not that I think they'd do it, but it is theoretically an unlimited punishment that they could mete out here", Usher said.

Gillian Skupa, the owner of Thrift Couture on 17th Avenue, says one of her biggest concerns is the increase in the small business tax. The National Research Council, which was overhauled by the previous conservative government, will again be "re-imagined", with more than C$500 million over the next five years, with broad aims to enhance collaborative research aimed at technological development and commercialisation.

Morneau has said Ottawa wants to proceed in fiscally responsible way.

Instead, this government will keep spending, and incur an $18-billion deficit when there is absolutely no requirement to do so.

The budget plan acknowledges that the government heard "the strong and united message from Canada's research community on the importance of investing in the future of Canadian research". And there are no changes to personal tax rates or the capital gains inclusion rate. And what are they going to tell us about balancing the budget now?

The Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC) criticized Morneau's budget for its "endless string of operating deficits" and lack of measures to put Canada on an even competitive footing with the U.S.

The budget acknowledged the uncertainty and said more analysis was necessary.

Tellingly, this decline in private-sector investment coincides with a marked deterioration in Canada's investment attractiveness. In a December report, the committee said the passive investment proposal "is based on a one-size-fits-all approach, which would constrain the growth of small businesses and the regular operations of medium and large businesses".

The biggest new spending includes a one-time, C$4.2 billion charge for a new pension plan for veterans; C$4.8 billion over six years for indigenous Canadians; C$1 billion over five years for new environment and energy assessment rules; C$572 million to "harness big data"; C$763 million for researchers; and C$700 million for an industrial research assistance program.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business was more cautious, saying it welcomed the new approach but was anxious about the impact on existing passive assets, which would no longer be grandfathered in under existing rules.

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