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Will Carl's death mean a return to form for The Walking Dead? Danai Guerra's career is taking off and Negan's line to Rick about who would be the next loved one of his to die felt pretty forbidding. The first, "Michonne", begins with she and Rick mourning Carl by his grave in the now walker-overrun Alexandria. And, more shockingly, could Negan kill Rick? And, again, they were told to beat it.

In a moving moment, Michonne noticed the handprints Carl and Judith made on their front porch, crying as she saw them. They pack up the van and then head to put out a fire without success killing walkers in their way. Carl would sit on the roof. They leave Alexandria behind.

Oddly, the most dramatic moment of the hour came when Simon defied Negan's orders to kill just one Scavenger. He creates indentured communities to "save" them in his mind. People fighting for what they believe in. They make their way to junkyard. If Rick had just rolled over and let the Saviors do their thing, Negan says, things would be different. We are in the conference room at the Sanctuary.

To Rick, Negan is one big leather jacket-wearing obstacle in the way of the new world - something to be disposed of before everyone else can move forward. Simon is not happy with the plan. The mustachioed henchman is fed up with sending messages and wants to kill a bunch of Junkers for their betrayal. As Rick suspected, Negan shifts his attention to the Scavengers. "Stand down." Inside the crate, it's zombie Dean, one of Simon's men. Simon is furious. That was his crew. He is going to kill him.

Enid and Aaron are brought into a home at Oceanside. Until, somewhat improbably, Natania's granddaughter Cyndie (Sydney Park) intervened and set them free (probably not what the hard-headed Natania would have wanted, Cyndie). Does he want them to surrender? Enid does not back down. My best guess is a stakeout, as he waits for Cyndie to venture beyond Oceanside on her own before initiating a dialogue without the pressures of her subjects influencing the conversation with their stubborn glares of displeasure. She would shoot her again if she had to. He told Enid to go back to Hilltop and be with the others.

Let's be honest, if you have stuck with the show this long, you deserve something nice from AMC. He will stay and figure a way to get the Oceanside back in the game. It's initially an armed standoff. Simon takes matters into his own hands. Simon asks her why she chose the dump. It's not good enough. How in the eff does Simon think his boss won't learn that he executed scores of people, a.k.a. resources that need saving? She screams her apology. Suddenly the radio blares to life.

Rick presses his fingers into his forehead a lot and uses the walkie-talkie he grabbed at A-town to dial up Negan.

The fifth card says "Jadis".

Rick and Michonne climb a pile of trash to find Jadis sitting on top.

Except, of course, they joined the world, they chose sides, and that was Jadis' downfall. She devised a plan to kill them by leading them to a grinder and having them fall into it. Purely functional, they were only there to look weird and betray whoever they made a deal with last. From a pacing perspective, it was all over the place but did end with Rick and Negan yapping away, an unhinged Rick sounding far crazier than Negan. Plus, Rick's auto door shield was fantastic. Or would they revolt to avenge their leader's death? She explains, in very clear language instead of her trade mark scavenger lingo, that saviors decimated her people and throws a little blame towards Rick. Where does she go now? She then walks to a cabinet hidden behind trash.

Sooner or later, Tara is going to reach her breaking point, but I wouldn't be so anxious about Dwight biting the bullet just yet.

Will The Walking Dead follow Carl's desire for peace and forgiveness? He stops, takes the letters and walks into a field.

Rick and Michonne are in a van, and pull over so that Rick can read Carl's letter to Negan. Negan rules with fear, Rick runs on justice (most of the time).

"Goddammit. S***, I am sorry", he tells Rick, voice almost shaking. Carl was bit saving someone. His letter to Negan is a plea to work with his father for peace. Because you weren't there to stop him from doing something stupid. He saves people, while Rick's foolishness gets people killed. Rick tells him it is too late though. The Walking Dead is a straightforward, serial drama with zombies. It's ludicrous to think the junkyard people would disarm so easily.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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